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There are still more than 65 million people playing Pokemon Go

There are still more than 65 million people playing Pokemon Go

Last Summer, we saw Pokemon Go storm onto the scene making news headlines across the globe, for better or worse. The craze has definitely died down a bit, but Niantic shared that the game is still touting more than 65 million players.

Accessories for the Galaxy S8

Accessories for the Galaxy S8

If you’re thinking about picking up one of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus handsets, then you may want to check out some of the accessories that Samsung plans to sell alongside them. Samsung has a catalogue of the familiar case varieties alongside a couple of new items and some upgrades to its power accessories.

Samsung killing the physical home button

Samsung killing the physical home button

Since the original Galaxy S, the physical home button has been a staple of Samsung’s flagship Android smartphones, a key part of the company’s mobile design language, and a tactile feature prefered by many. The arrival of the Galaxy S5 saw the home button take on a new role as the hub for the company’s fingerprint scanner, making the feature a key part of Samsung’s Knox security platform as well.

Amazon may have to refund $70 million for in-app purchases made by kids

Amazon may have to refund $70 million for in-app purchases made by kids

A long legal battle between Amazon and the US government over in-app purchases that were made by kids may finally be coming to an end. The Federal  Trade Commission revealed on Tuesday that both the agency and Amazon have now agreed to end their appeals in this case, which means Amazon could be close to sending out refunds to parents. The total amount could be over $70 million.

You probably don’t want to use face recognition to unlock your Galaxy S8

face recognition Galaxy S8

A new video shows that the feature is just as insecure as it’s always been, allowing a photo to spoof the system.

The Galaxy S8 is one of the most stunning phones we’ve ever laid eyes on, but there’s one design element we can’t quite wrap our heads around. Instead of centering the fingerprint sensor on the back like so many other phone makers have done, Samsung has placed it next to the camera, virtually assuring that most people will use one of the other myriad ways to unlock.

Google’s Android hacking contest fails to attract exploits

Android hacking contest

The $200,000 bounty Google offered to hack its Android OS was not enough to tempt researchers.

Six months ago, Google offered to pay US$200,000 to any researcher who could remotely hack into an Android device by knowing only the victim’s phone number and email address. No one stepped up to the challenge.

Google Play faces cat and mouse game with sneaky Android malware

Android malware

Hackers constantly try to slip malware into the Google Play store, and they succeed.

What’s the best way to avoid Android malware? Downloading all your apps from the Google Play store — where software is vetted – is perhaps the best advice.

But that doesn’t mean Google Play is perfect.

Security researchers do find new Android malware lurking on Google’s official app store. That’s because hackers are coming up with sneaky ways to infiltrate the platform, despite the vetting processes that protect it.

“Eventually, every wall can be breached,” said Daniel Padon, a researcher at mobile security provider Check Point.

UK official wants police access to WhatsApp messages

police access to WhatsApp

A terrorist reportedly used WhatsApp before a recent attack outside Parliament.

A senior U.K. official is asking that law enforcement should be given access to encrypted messages on WhatsApp and similar services, a demand that is likely to fuel an ongoing debate over whether companies should create backdoors into their encryption technologies for investigators.