Papa Pear Saga – Old Versions APK Download

Aim and launch bouncy Papa Pear

Papa Pear Saga is an arcade game, similar to the classic Peggle, where your objective is to break all of the pearls in each level by using a limited number of balls that bounce when they hit the pearls or the sides of the screen. The balls will even bounce against the edges of the tubes that are at the bottom of each level.

Although at first glance the game may seem like a simple copy of Peggle, as you keep playing through its more than 100 levels, you’ll see that there’s much more to it. You’ll find different power-ups, and above all, fun, diverse levels that bring a lot of variety to the game.

The development of the levels will probably remind you of Candy Crush Saga, since both games come from In other words, you’ll move along a map, level by level, trying to achieve the best score (three stars) in each level.

Papa Pear Saga - Old Versions APK Download

Papa Pear Saga is a fun game with familiar, accessible gameplay that is improved with a few pleasant surprises. Not only does it have excellent graphics, but it’s completely free to play.

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