Solo Launcher – Old Versions APK Download

A simple, elegant launcher for Android

Solo Launcher is a simple, elegant launcher for Android that not only helps you make your device look great, but also provides you with tons of gesture shortcuts and features that improve the way you use your telephone or tablet.

The first thing that will strike you about Solo Launcher is that it is a really lovely launcher. The interface design is discrete, elegant and very stylized, surpassing Google’s KitKat in many ways. Even the system icons have a style that meshes well with that of the rest of the interface.

Leaving esthetics aside, Solo Launcher offers a series of very useful gesture shortcuts. For example, if you slide your finger down from the top of the main screen, you will bring forward all of the applications that you have installed. If you slide your finger up from the bottom, you will open the active app manager.

In addition to these features, Solo Launcher has a good number of unique, exclusive ‘widgets’ that fit in perfectly with its style. It has a world clock, a battery assistant, a memory assistant… you can access a number of very interesting widgets.

Solo Launcher - Old Versions APK Download

Solo Launcher is a launcher that is surprisingly high-quality. It’s not very common to find launchers that are as solid as Solo is, and it’s a very good alternative to the big-name ones.

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