Z Camera – Old Versions APK Download

Take and edit pictures in just seconds

Z Camera is a photo app that lets you give your pictures a touch of elegance thanks to its large number of filters and editing tools.

The most interesting thing about Z Camera is that you can see, in real time, how different filters would look even before you take the photo. All you have to do is slide your finger over the screen to sweep through more than twenty available filters.

Of course, once you take the picture, you have more editing options and tools at your disposal. You can apply other filters, color correct the image, and use different drawing tools. There’s even a brush to ‘censor’ parts of an image.

Z Camera - Old Versions APK Download

Z Camera is a decent photo editing app that, despite outperforming Instagram in terms of photo editing and customization, doesn’t include an integrated social network. However, you can always save and share your creations on Twitter and other social networks yourself.

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