AlphaBetty Saga – Old Versions APK Download

A word puzzle game from King, creators of Candy Crush Saga

AlphaBetty Saga is a word puzzle game where you have to create words using the letters on the board. There are more than 100 different levels in the game, each with a different board shape: square, rectangle, heart-shaped, etc.

The rules in AlphaBetty Saga are a bit more lax than in other games of this type. You can match letters in any direction, including diagonals and even backwards. Anything goes as long as you create the longest words possible. And the longer the words, the more points and special pieces you’ll get.

When you find a word that has more than five letters, you create a special piece. And when you combine words that are even longer, you can create even more powerful pieces and get even more points. In this sense, AlphaBetty Saga is very loyal to the style of other King games.

AlphaBetty Saga - Old Versions APK Download

AlphaBetty Saga is a puzzle game that offers the classic challenge of a word puzzle combined with King’s casual style that works so well on Candy Crush Saga. As usual for this company’s games, the graphics are also really nice.

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