Cookie Jam – Old Versions APK Download

Combine cookies, cakes, and other sweets

Cookie Jam is a match 3 game that’s suspiciously similar to Candy Crush Saga (in fact, it’s a pretty obvious copy of it). Here, you have to connect three or more identical candies/cakes/cookies to make them disappear (surprise!).

The gameplay in Cookie Jam is well-known by practically any Android player: match three identical pieces to make them disappear, four pieces to make a new, more powerful piece, and five pieces to create a wild card. With this simple game style, you have to pass levels full of cookies, candies, and other kinds of sweets.

As usual in this type of game, you can find dozens and dozens of levels where you have to accomplish some very specific goals. Normally, your objective is simple: get 10 square cookies, 5 heart-shaped pastries and 8 moon-shaped desserts, etc. The level is over when this goal is reached and you get all the necessary points.

Cookie Jam - Old Versions APK Download

Cookie Jam is yet another Candy Crush clone that doesn’t bring anything new to the saturated genre of practically identical games. In its defense, it does have some very pretty nice graphics, and in general, it works well.

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