Perfect Kick – Old Versions APK Download

The most exciting penalty kicks on Android

Perfect Kick is a multiplayer soccer game where you can face off against players from all over the world in exciting penalty kick-offs, where luck and skill are equally important components of success.

You can personalize your shooter and your goalie with hats, gloves, and other accessories. As you might imagine, you can buy those objects with money that you win playing the game, or with real money through in-app purchases.

Players take turns during the penalty kicks. First you shoot, and then the other player uses their turn to guess which way your shoot will go, and try to stop it. Then you switch roles. The controls are basically the same whether you’re playing as the shooter or the goalie, although it might take a little longer to get the hang of stopping the shots.

Perfect Kick - Old Versions APK Download

Perfect Kick is a fun, competitive multiplayer soccer game. The game doesn’t bother with storylines or complex games, and instead drops you right in the middle of one of the most exciting parts of playoff games: penalty kicks.

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