Philippine Slam! – Basketball – Old Versions APK Download

Play with characters from the Philippine Basketball Association

Philippine Slam! – Basketball is a 2-on-2 basketball game in proper NBA Jam style where instead of playing with NBA teams you can pick from the top teams and players in the PBA –  the Philippine Basketball Association.

The game system in Philippine Slam! – Basketball is practically identical to the one in NBA Jam, with the same distinctive bobblehead players and stunning slam dunks. Your controls include virtual buttons to shoot, pass, and feint, and with them you can do everything from triples to alley oops to wild slam dunks.

Before you start playing you can pick the team you want to use, plus the specific players to go into your lineup for that game. Though all the players have the same skills, it’s still a cool detail that each of them has his real digitized face. You can even see their different facial reactions.

Philippine Slam! - Basketball - Old Versions APK Download

Philippine Slam! – Basketball is a basketball game as madcap as it is fun, with controls that are perfectly adapted to touchscreens and terrific graphics. An awesome game that’s also totally free.

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