Urban Rivals – Old Versions APK Download

Online gang fights with cards.

Urban Rivals is a multiplayer role-playing card game, in which you have to create your own gang to fight for control of the city of Clint, a place where chaos rules and where you need to have a firm hand on the other players.

At your disposal, you will have more than 700 different characters, including all the changes that the different warriors can achieve. This way, you can fight very strategic battles to measure your strengths with people from all over the world.

The best thing is that all these characters, that you collect in the form of cards, can easily be exchanged with other players around the world through a feature designed specially for this purpose.

Urban Rivals - Old Versions APK Download

Urban Rivals is a very famous multiplayer game, widely followed in many countries around the world, and comes with a huge community of players that cost nothing to be a part of.

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