Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7You Movado’s Smartwatch

Movado’s third smartwatch announcement from Baselworld 2017 today is the Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7You, which seems to come with the classic All-American design and style that the Tommy Hilfiger brand tends to be associated with. The TH24/7You will come with one style of case judging by the images, which is a silver stainless steel and matching metal band, though it is noted that it will also come with a brown leather strap option for those that prefer a leather strap to metal. The watch is set to go on sale for $299 later on in 2017, though Movado didn’t mention specific details here as to when the actual launch date would be.


The TH24/7You will come with Android Wear 2.0 software on board which means it will be up to date along with the rest of the watches that have been announced so far this year, and it’ll have access to things like Google Assistant, the Play Store, and enhanced fitness features, but it doesn’t come with a heart rate sensor so it probably won’t be the watch to go for if you’re looking for something that has more of a focus on exercise. In addition to lacking the heart rate sensor it also lacks NFC connectivity which means you can’t use the TH24/7You to make Android Pay payments and that might just be a shame for some consumers.

Although it wasn’t stated it should have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options, though beyond this particular detail there isn’t much else known about the watch yet. Much like the Movado Connect, Movado didn’t list any specifications for the TH24/7You so there’s no information on RAM, the processor, battery life or even if it has IP68 certification. In addition to the Movado Connect and the TH24/7You, the Movado Group also announced the Hugo Boss Touch which will launch at some point this Fall for $395, which puts it in the middle of the three watches from the Movado Group as the Connect is sure to be the most expensive. While it’s still early, 2017 is already starting to look like a decent year for smartwatches when it comes to consumer choice as there have been plenty of devices announced already.