Withings Steel HR Watch Now In Special Edition Leather

The Withings Steel HR released in October last year and now a 36mm Special Edition Leather option of the analog health watch has been announced. It’s a more expensive choice than the regular versions, but for the extra money, it comes in a stylish and attractive gift box.

Withings Steel HR Watch

The price is $229.95 and the total package includes a new Italian hazelnut brown leather wristband, the Steel HR watch itself, an alternative silicone wristband for when active or in water, and of course a charger. Regular models of the watch in 36mm and 40mm options in black or white colors range in price from $179.95 to $199.95.

Nokia-acquired Withings is targeting the Leather Special Edition of the advanced heart rate monitor and activity-tracking watch as a Mother’s Day gift. The company said in a Facebook post, “this special edition watch lets her improve her health without sacrificing style.” The premium Steel HR 36mm Special Edition Leather watch is currently listed on the company’s website as ‘in stock,’ with a shipping time of between three and four days. Therefore, there should be ample time to get it in time for Mother’s Day, which this year in the US is on May 14. The product description places a lot of emphasis on the ‘fashion and function’ element of the special edition, and you can check out more images in the gallery below.

The digital screen of the Withings Smart HR watch can display calls, text messages, events, and other data to help stay connected. It has many features that include tracking heart rate during workouts, monitoring daily and resting heart rate, and automatic tracking of activities such as running, walking and swimming. It also tracks sleep, with a report of sleep cycles, duration, and wake-up, and has a Smart Wake-Up feature that uses a vibrating silent alarm. As well as this the watch will tell you how many calories you’re burning.  It can be synchronized with the Health Mate app for further benefits including the unlocking of rewards, insights and more, and is compatible with both Android and iOS.  The battery is claimed to supply 25 days of life, with an additional 20 days if using power reserve mode, and it’s also water-resistant up to 50 meters.