Fiverr – Old Versions APK Download

Buy and sell services of all kinds starting at just five bucks

Fiverr is a very peculiar app where you can buy and sell almost any service starting at just five dollars. Some might cost more (up to more than $100), but the vast majority of what’s on offer doesn’t top $5.

Before you start using Fiverr you’ll need a user account, which you can create using a Gmail or Facebook social login if desired to get access in less than a minute. That done, you can start buying services off any other user or offering your own.

The list of services on offer in Fiverr is colossal. You can commission a logo for your company, get a translation, or pay someone to make a prank call for you. You can even pay someone to play a video game for you. Once you’ve found the service you need, all that’s left to do is pay for it using Paypal.

Fiverr - Old Versions APK Download

Fiverr is a highly interesting service thanks to which you can quickly (and economically) cover some of your needs. Likewise, it also gives you the chance to earn a few bucks.