Google Duo – Old Versions APK Download

Google Duo is a straightforward video chat app

Google duo is an app that lets you make calls via video chat. It’s also super easy to use and amazingly comfortable. In order to use it, though, you’ll need to link the app up to an actual phone number. Otherwise, you won’t be able to have a video chat with anyone.

Google Duo’s interface is as minimalist as it is intuitive. On your device screen you’ll be able to see the image that your camera is capturing both from your front and back camera with a simple button that lets you access hundreds of your contacts. And that’s it!

Whenever someone calls you using Google Duo, you’ll be able to see their image instantly, but they’ll only see you if you choose to answer their call. That way, you’ll always know exactly who’s calling you even before starting a video call.

Google Duo is Google’s attempt to provide a video call service that’s simple, fast and secure. And, that’s exactly what Google Duo offers users.

Google Duo - Old Versions APK Download

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Google Duo - Old Versions APK Download