MU Origin – Old Versions APK Download

A spectacular Android MMO

MU Origin is a real time MMORPG inspired by an ancient world of medieval fantasy where men still wear impossibly huge armor and damsels in distress can’t help but stand around being sexy. Here, you’ll find a land full of monsters roaming freely just waiting for your character to kill them.

Characterizing your hero in MU Origin is more than a little disappointing. There just aren’t many options when it comes to customizing. You’ll only get to choose to be one of three characters: dark knight, dark mage or elf. That’s it. After having played as two of the three characters, you’ll soon run into the fact that gameplay is essentially the same, the only difference is how your hero looks. Further along in the game, though, you’ll be able to customize them a little more.

As soon as you create your character and choose a server, you’re ready to play. That’s when you’ll realize that MU Origin is different from other games out there. It actually plays itself. Yes, you did read that correctly. The game does all the playing for you. Your character takes on its own missions, fights automatically, and even manages equipment on its own. Luckily, you’ll be able to activate the manual version just by pushing a button, although this doesn’t make it much more difficult.

MU Origin - Old Versions APK Download

MU Origin is a traditional MMORPG that poses all of this genres defects, but also all of its virtues. It’s a game that is likely to be popular among MMO fans that are looking for something quick and easy to get hooked on, but believe me, there are options out there that are way more fun.

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