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Android Oreo superpowers, coming to a device near you


We are officially introducing Android 8.0 Oreo, the latest release of the platform–and it’s smarter, faster and more powerful than ever. It comes with new features like picture-in-picture and Autofill to help you navigate tasks seamlessly. Plus, it’s got stronger security protections and speed improvements that keep you safe and moving at lightspeed. When you’re on your next adventure, Android Oreo is the superhero to have by your side (or in your pocket!).

14 First things every LG G6 owner should do

14 First things every LG G6 owner should do

We’ve already shared our unboxing, battery life in the first 24 hours, and sample photos from the LG G6. Now it’s time to get started with some tips. LG took a step back from the LG G5 and simplified things, but that doesn’t mean the G6 is lacking in features. There’s a ton of stuff you can do with this phone. Before you do anything, start with these first things.

9 nifty Gboard for Android tricks you need to try

nifty Gboard Android tricks

Translate as you type, call up the numeric keypad whenever you want, get a dedicated row of number keys, and more.

The only problem with Google’s Gboard keyboard for Android is that I’m totally hooked on its best features. Number and symbol shortcuts above each key? Gotta have ’em. One-handed mode? Ditto. Swipe to delete? Love it, need it.

Read on for nine of the niftiest Gboard features, from dedicated number rows and an on-demand numeric keypad to “neural” translations and a long-press shortcut for oft-used symbols.

Amazon may have to refund $70 million for in-app purchases made by kids

Amazon may have to refund $70 million for in-app purchases made by kids

A long legal battle between Amazon and the US government over in-app purchases that were made by kids may finally be coming to an end. The Federal  Trade Commission revealed on Tuesday that both the agency and Amazon have now agreed to end their appeals in this case, which means Amazon could be close to sending out refunds to parents. The total amount could be over $70 million.

6 ways to maximize the Android phone dialer

6 ways to maximize the Android phone dialer

Rearrange speed-dial contacts, get phone numbers for nearby businesses, duck spam calls, and more.

Whether you’re trying to avoid telemarketers or you want to share a crazy voicemail you just received, the “stock” phone dialer on your Android phone has some pretty clever tricks up its sleeves.

Not only can the Android phone dialer warn you of spam callers and share a voicemail message via Gmail, Google Drive, or Dropbox, it can also suggest phone numbers based on your location, help you organize or delete shortcuts to “favorite” callers, let you customize your own “quick” text responses for declined callers, and more. 

BadUSB hack may be one of the biggest threats you have heard of!

A new threat named “BadUSB” has just emerged, a name that may be a bit of an understatement. This exploit is one of the nastiest security threats we have seen in a long time. It’s dangerous, often undetectable and very hard to kill. BadUSB literally leaves current antivirus defenses harmless and blind.

Speed up Chrome for Android with this simple tweak

Speed up Chrome for Android

Chrome for Android is one of the fastest and most feature-rich browsers for Android. But a persistent problem has ruined Google’s mobile browser for many users – janky scrolling. Especially since Google replaced the AOSP Browser with Chrome as the default browser on new Android devices, people have been complaining about a perceived lag when scrolling through web pages (except simple ones) or swiping and resizing. And it’s not a problem of hardware, as the old Browser was consistently performing better in this area even on two-year old devices.